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جامعة المنار في طرابلس تحتفل بتخرج طلابها لعام 2014

إحتفلت جامعة المنار في طرابلس بتخرج طلابها للدفعة الثامنة وذلك بحضور ممثل لدولة رئيس مجلس الوزراء وعدد من الوزراء والنواب ونقباء المهن الحرة وأعضاء مجلس الأمناء وأهالي الطلاب وبعد كلمة لرئيس الجامعة ألقى خطيب الإحتفال السفير عبدالله بو حبيب خطابا نوه فيه بأهمية العلم والدور الرائد الذي تلعبه جامعة المنار في محيطها بالتركيز على المستوى […]


توسيع مجالات فرع العلوم البحرية في جامعة المنار في طرابلس

في إطار توسيع مجالات فرع العلوم البحرية في جامعة المنار في طرابلس الذي يخرج قباطنة ومهندسين بحريين إستقبلت رئاسة الجامعة سفيرة هولندا في لبنان بغية السعي للإستفادة من خبرات هذا البلد المشهور بتقدمه في النقل البحري عن طريق السماح لطلاب الجامعة الإستفادة من التدريب العملي في الأسطول البحري التجاري لهولندا ولقد وعدت السفيرة بتقديم كل […]


جامعة المنار تنظم دورة لتعلم فنون الروبوت لأبناء المهندسين

جامعة المنار تنظم دورة لتعلم فنون الروبوت لأبناء المهندسين للسنة الثانية على التوالي تكلّل تعاون اللجنة العلمية في نقابة المهندسين في الشمال مع طلاب متطوعين من كلية الهندسة في جامعة المنار وبالتنسيق مع مؤسسة تكنوفيوتشر العالمية بتنظيم دورة فنون الروبوت تابعها ستون طالب من أبناء المهندسين في النقابة. تعلّم متابعو الدورة مجاناً مهارات في مجال […]

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Upcoming Events

Virtual Instrumentation Concept

29 Jun 2014

Introduction to virtual instrumentation concept

From 2:00 until 8:00

At AL-Manar University of Tripoli

Solar Refrigeration

29 Jun 2014

A comparison between different cold and chill

From 11:00 AM until 6:00 PM

At AL-Manar University of Tripoli,

IEEE Conference

30 Jun 2014

IEEE Communications Society Lebanon

From 9:00 AM until 6:00 PM

At University of Balamand

Spot Light

Dr. Sami Minkara

I would like to take this opportunity to welcome all of our students, new and old, wishing them a year full of vigor and achievement in the realization of their academic goals and aspirations in their chosen fields of study. It is also important to note that the University, in its tireless efforts to meet and exceed its student and societal needs and expectations, was able to secure a Decree permitting the establishment of several Faculties that will provide basic and new fields of specializations designed to meet the challenges of modern society. As such, MUT now has 7 Faculties offering 39 fields of specializations in various fields of studies, supported by both state-of-the-art scientific laboratories and other equipment and amenities tailored to offer its students the best academic facilities, and by an excellent teaching staff advanced in education and experience.

Dr. Sami MinkaraUniversity PresidentAL-MANAR UNIVERSITY OF TRIPOLI
Dr. Radwan Mawlawi

Dr. Mawlawi underlined the universities’ interest in providing technology curricula in response to the work market’s needs due to the immense advance in modern life. He however stressed the importance of offering instruction in the humanities field which is the cornerstone in academic curricula, being directed towards fostering the students’ skills in a free environment, encouraging them to pursue their quest of the Truth, through their immersion in the values and principles of civilisation which will allow them to become better cultured and aware human beings and citizens. He expressed his apprehension of the massive growth in number of these private higher education institutions especially that the only target of some is purely lucrative whereas they do not meet the requirements stipulated by the law, he then discussed the importance of the role played by MUT at the service of students and the community in Tripoli and Northern Lebanon.

Dr. Radwan MawlawiSecretary General of the Board of Trustees at MUTAL-MANAR UNIVERSITY OF TRIPOLI
Mr. Piers Cazalet

MUT Welcomes the UK embassy Deputy Head of Mission Mr. Piers Cazalet, UK embassy Deputy Head of Mission, visited MUT, where he met students in their senior year and presented them with the terms and condition to benefit from the scholarships presented by the embassy for students wishing to pursue graduate studies in the UK.

Mr. Cazalet also discussed the importance of the Copenhagen Summit, which will shed light on the environmental changes and its impact on earth. Mr. Piers also discussed individual and governmental responsibilities in preserving and maintaining nature.

Discussion between Mr. Cazalet and MUT students tackled a wide variety of topics, which the guest answered openly. Mr. Cazalet expressed admiration in the students’ manners, open mindedness and their command over English, which MUT adopts as a medium of education.

Mr. Piers CazaletUK embassy Deputy Head of MissionAL-MANAR UNIVERSITY OF TRIPOLI
Mr. Abdel Hafiz Al Kaysi

Under the patronage of the Minister of Public Works and Transportation, represented by Director of Land and Maritime Transportation, Mr. Abdel Hafiz Al Kaysi, and in the presence of prominent social, religious, and political figures, MUT announces the launch of two new majors in Marine Engineering and Technology, and Marine Transport and Technology.

These programs are held in collaboration with the Arab Academy for Science, Technology and Maritime Transportation in Alexandria, Egypt. Graduates of these major will be granted an international degree certified by the International Maritime Organization, allowing the student to work anywhere in the world.

It is well known, that the rapid growth of Maritime transportation in the world has added to the demand of this sector. This demand drove MUT to collaborate with (AAST) in compliance with MUT’s strategies plan to offer majors that allow graduates to find jobs upon graduation.

Mr. Abdel Hafiz Al KaysiDirector of Land and Maritime TransportationAL-MANAR UNIVERSITY OF TRIPOLI
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